Moorfields Eye Charity

Charitable support has played a crucial role in supporting Moorfields since it opened in 1805. Today charitable, philanthropic and voluntary support still helps Moorfields provide a world leading service.

Moorfields Eye Charity supports the incredible and pioneering work of Moorfields Eye Hospital and its research partner, the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology. By supporting innovative research, education and care at these two institutions, we make a difference to the lives of patients at the hospital and people with sight loss around the world.

Supporting Moorfields Eye Charity

There are lots of ways you can support Moorfields Eye Charity and give back to Moorfields. 

By donating to the charity, you can help fund leading-edge research, help us purchase state-of-the-art equipment which transforms people's lives, and allow Moorfields to enhance facilities for patients, beyond the services paid for through the NHS.

You could also take part in a fundraising event for us, or organise one on our behalf, or even join our team of fundraising volunteers. Some supporters also choose to remember Moorfields by leaving us a gift in their will.

Find out more

To find out more about how you can help support Moorfields, or to make a donation, visit the Moorfields Eye Charity website, contact the charity via email or telephone (020 7566 2565), or drop into our charity office at Moorfields Eye Hospital City Road. 

You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to keep up with our latest news.

Moorfields Eye Charity is engaged in two main activities: raising funds and making grants. The charity is also starting to create opportunities for volunteers to support us by giving their time.


Last updated: 29th November 2022