Our Campus

NIHR Moorfields Clinical Research Facility (CRF) has an international reputation for ophthalmic research. With world-class researchers and staff supported by investment in state-of-the-art specialist devices, Moorfields CRF has 26 patient examination rooms with multiple associated research and treatment units to test new methods to diagnose eye diseases and to evaluate innovative treatments for common and rare diseases.

CRF Floorplan

Rooms and equipment

Our CRF activities are integrated with various departments in Moorfields Eye Hospital. In addition, dedicated laboratory facilities available to support CRF activities are also housed in the adjacent Henry Wellcome Translational Building for Eye Research and UCL Institute of Ophthalmology with direct corridor link to the CRF.

CRF Campus

Our activity

The core activities of our early phase clinical trials are delivered in the CRF. However, a significant number of tests require specialist equipments located in other areas within Moorfields Eye Hospital. An example of a Gene Therapy Trial has been illustrated in this patient journey of a screening visit. Activities may be carried out over multiple days. Once the screening visit is completed and eligibility is confirmed, the patient will be recruited to the trial and continue on the trial at subsequent visits.

CRF patient flow infographic

Our team

The core CRF workforce include those whose activities contained within the dedicated CRF floorplan.

  • Dedicated clinical research teams.
  • Specialist technical and nursing workforce.
  • Administration teams to support studies

As our activities are not only contained within the dedicated CRF floorplan, a wider workforce also provide input to the trial activities in adjacent premises.

Moorfields Children’s CRF

Moorfields Children's CRFMoorfields Children’s CRF is located on the 2nd Floor of the Richard Desmond Children’s Eye Centre, it is equipped with specialised testing for novel therapies and devices for our paediatric patients and meets all the UK regulatory requirements to conduct paediatric research.

Last updated: 23rd November 2021