Patient advice and liaison service (PALS)

Our PALS team provides confidential advice and support to patients, carers and relatives to resolve concerns about your care and guide you through our services. The team helps solve your problems quickly and passes on comments and suggestions for improving our services.

The team works with staff, managers and where appropriate, relevant external organisations, to negotiate immediate or prompt solutions. If necessary, PALS can refer patients and families to local or national support agencies.

The PALS team at Moorfields also handles all complaints about our services, ensuring that all are dealt with appropriately and used to improve services for others in future.

The service is open at our main City Road hospital from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.  You can contact us on 020 7566 2324 or by emailing You are also welcome to pop into the office, which is on the ground floor at the main City Road hospital.

Patient leaflets

Patient advice and liaison service (PALS) - please bear with us during COVID 19

Last updated: 27th January 2022