Quarterly reflections from the chief executive

David Probert, chief executive of Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust:

"In August I marked my 100th day at Moorfields as chief executive. Every three months I will be sharing our key learnings and taking a look at our priorities ahead.

You can also follow me on Twitter for regular updates: @probert_david ".

The journey of improvement

I have been struck by the way in which our staff at Moorfields are keen to develop and find ways to improve. I believe it’s important we now continue to drive focus on areas which meet our core objectives as an organisation.

In May 2016 Moorfields was visited by the Quality Care Commission (CQC). The CQC is the independent regulator of all health and social care in England.  A priority for me was ensuring that we gave a fair, open and transparent picture of our organisation when the CQC visited us which I believe we did. The results of the inspection are due later this year.

I’m full of hope and optimism about our future; I am very much looking forward to continuing this journey of improvement.

The power of partnership

Moorfields staff survey 2016

I have always been a great believer in the benefits of working closely with those of a similar mindset to drive real results. I have had the valuable opportunity to meet a large number of our partner organisations and talk about the importance partnerships play in our success as a world leading eye hospital. Moorfields is a founding member of UCL Partners which brings organisations together to transform the health and wellbeing of the population. 

I had the privilege to spend a small number of days at the World Association of Eye Hospitals (WAEH) Annual Meeting. Our discussions highlighted the important role that Moorfields plays as a leader in eye care, research and policy across the globe.

The most important example of partnership working for me is evident in how we work together at Moorfields. Our recent staff survey suggests that Moorfields is one of the best places to work in in the NHS. I see examples of great partnership and team work between our staff every day.

Moving forward in times of uncertainty

Over the past few months and years we have seen changes in NHS structure and policy, economic depression and most recently the decision for the UK to leave the European Union.

Number of patients seen across our 32 sites

I have been sadly struck by how, for some of our staff, the recent national decision to leave the EU has created a void of uncertainty and, in some cases, a general feeling of not being welcome. What makes Moorfields a great hospital, and London a great City, is its rich diversity of people and the values, ambitions and drive they bring to helping serve our patients. This hospital and all its services and scientific achievements would not be possible were it not for the hard work, constant focus and desire to help us improve demonstrated by each and every member staff. I will continue to ensure that they all feel welcome, valued and supported to continue to deliver the high quality of work I have come to expect. In August I lent my support to the Federation of Specialist Hospitals by calling on the government to guarantee European staff that their future in the NHS is secure in a letter published in The Times.

Against this backdrop of uncertainty, Moorfields has continued to shine and rise to the challenges of the modern NHS. In June we saw and treated more people across our 32 sites than ever recorded and we have also seen some of our highest patient satisfaction scores through the Friends and Family feedback questionnaires.

The first 100 days at Moorfields

We also embarked on an exciting journey in collaboration with DeepMind Health. Colleagues from as far away as Australia and Singapore have contacted me to say how pleased they are that Moorfields is continuing to push the boundaries of modern research.

For me, the most important priority to achieve in my first 100 days was to really get to know the organisation and understand what matters to Moorfields and our patients.

In July I attended my first annual general meeting (AGM) as chief executive which was a fantastic opportunity to engage with our patients, members and staff. Those I spoke to afterwards were hugely impressed by the afternoon and I was again reminded how lucky I am to have the privilege to lead this wonderful organisation. If you didn’t make it to this year’s AGM, you can watch some of the highlights on our website.

David Probert's first 100 days infographics

Sept 2016

Last updated: 17th September 2018