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International Women’s Day – spotlight on Naheed Phul, chief pharmacist at Moorfields

Naheed Phul joined Moorfields as chief pharmacist last October. In her own words, she reflects on International Women’s Day

National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Moorfields Clinical Research Facility receives a new five-year funding term

The NIHR Moorfields Clinical Research Facility (CRF) has received a new five-year funding term to facilitate novel therapies and technologies to preserve patients’ sight.

Two years on from sight saving therapy, Jake thanks NHS for transforming his life.

Moorfields patient Jake Ternent updates us on his progress since his groundbreaking procedure.

Funding awarded for clinical trial of a vitamin treatment for glaucoma

Trial starting in August will test whether vitamin B3 is an effective treatment for glaucoma

Moorfields patient and GB Para Taekwondo athlete shares his story of sight loss

Moorfields patient Chris Telesford explains how you can help people with sight loss

Significant change as NICE guidelines recommend use of laser treatment for glaucoma

NICE now recommends laser treatment ahead of eye drops for glaucoma

The mystery of ‘the man in the painting’ at Moorfields

How an unnamed portrait of a man at Moorfields led to the uncovering of a pioneering gay rights activist.

Revolutionary bionic chip inserted in Moorfields patient’s blind eye

A Moorfields patient has received a revolutionary implant that has restored a degree of sight to her blind eye