Congratulations to our Patron, HM The Queen, on her Platinum Jubilee

HM has visited the hospital at City Road on several occasions throughout her 70-year reign, including most recently in 2007 to open the Richard Desmond Children’s Centre (RDCC).

Last year, the Monarch sent a letter to the team at Croydon to thank them for their service during the pandemic, and many staff members have been bestowed honours, including Adam Mapani, Nurse consultant, and Ian Murdoch, Consultant ophthalmologist, who both received MBEs in 2021.

Meeting Her Majesty

Back in 1999, HM was invited to the hospital to unveil the famous Moorfields clock at City Road.

Alex Edwards, PA, (photographed standing in between the two chefs) joined Moorfields two years earlier, and was thrilled to find out that she would be one of the staff members meeting The Queen on her visit ‘At the time, I was working in the catering office, and when I was asked if I wanted to meet The Queen, I jumped at the chance!

‘I was so overwhelmed when I met her. She smiled at me and spoke to the chef next to me. It was one of the best days of my life! I remember she was wearing a raspberry/pink coatdress, and I wore a two-piece from Principles.'

‘Everyone was so excited to meet HM. We painted every corner of the hospital. What a treat for patients who had an appointment that day! I think it is really important for the hospital having a royal patron, for staff and patients. For the Jubilee weekend, I will be going to a street party in Walthamstow with friends, and I will be cooking something special. I just haven’t decided what yet!’

A right royal timeline

Royal connections and royal patronage go back to the early days of Moorfields. Here is a reminder of the long-term relationship we have had with Queen Elizabeth over many years. 

Take a look back at some of HM visits over the years, in our archive news story, linked to below:

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