Positive CQC for Moorfields Eye Centre at Ealing Hospital

Moorfields Eye Centre at Ealing Hospital has received a very positive review from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) following a routine unannounced inspection by a team of their compliance inspectors.

The CQC inspectors judged that the six essential standards they evaluate had all been met. To ensure the services were all compliant, the inspectors looked for evidence of:  respecting and involving people who use the service; care and welfare of people; supporting workers; and safeguarding people from abuse. They also examined the safety and suitability of premises and assessed and monitored the quality of service provision.

The report stated that patients and their relatives were positive about the service. Inspectors noted that patients felt they were “extremely happy with their treatment” and they would definitely recommend the service to anybody” and “had no complaints”.  The patients the inspectors talked to all spoke highly of the treatment they received with only one person stating they had had to wait rather a long time for an appointment but otherwise “everything was fine”. When people were asked if they had a choice of treatment and if staff discussed this with them, all of them said “Yes”.

The inspectors also said that patients reported that when they their representatives and staff were asked for their views about their care and treatment, they were acted on. Patient experience cards were available to be completed by families and friends at the end of their visit.

Patients who used the service and their relatives were all positive about the way staff had spoken to them and how the service had been delivered. One person said: ”I am the world’s biggest complainer and I have nothing to complain about. The staff  are amazing.”

Another person said “yes privacy is good” and a third person told us that staff were “respectful” and “kind”. Another person said they had used the service for many years and that were extremely happy with their treatment and they would “definitely recommend the service to anybody.” Patents also told the inspectors that staff were polite and that they “felt safe” using the service

In relation to training the inspection report highlighted that staff received appropriate professional development and that staff members told the inspectors they had “excellent access to training”.  An examination of training records showed health and safety courses as well as special eye –related training for staff were undertaken. Senior staff and other staff said that Moorfields online Learning Centre helped them to keep up to date also training in safeguarding which ensured that the patients were protected from abuse.

Moorfields’ director of nursing and allied health professions Tracy Luckett said: “The report highlights a number of positive results for Moorfields about the quality of services we provide at our satellite service at Ealing.  The very complimentary comments from patients in relation to their care and welfare and the quality of service are very heartening.  This is down to the hard work of all our staff there and I would like to congratulate them all.


“Moorfields is very pleased to get this very positive endorsement from the inspectorate and patients alike. We have, however, noted the reports’ comments in relation to service layout  in the New Year and the availability of certain leaflets.”

Moorfields at Ealing is one of 19 satellite locations in and around London, designed to bring expert eye care closer to patients’ homes. The service at Ealing provides outpatient, diagnostic and surgical services for a range of eye conditions. A full copy of the report can be seen here http://www.cqc.org.uk               

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