Patient experiences

We know some people may feel worried about coming in for treatment during the pandemic, but we want to reassure you that there are safety measures in place to help protect you. On this page, you can read about the experiences of some of our patients who've attended appointments at Moorfields in recent weeks.

Patients attending appointments in clinics

Elaine Manna, August 2020


Kennth Essex , August 2020

 Gwenda Towse

"I have been a Moorfields patient for five years, and have been walking to St George’s to reduce my risk of infection (though, after eye drops and injections a bus ride home is irresistible!).

"I’ve continued my treatment throughout the pandemic, travelling to Purley for some appointments. I feel perfectly safe at both, and the staff at Purley do everything to keep me as safe as possible, even escorting me up and down the stairs. I wouldn’t miss an appointment – saving eye sight is so important."

Cherise Fairman, July 2020

"Thank you Moorfields. From the nurse-led call to video consultation and then my visit to the hospital - everything was dealt with really well. All the measures within the hospital were excellent too! I will be more than confident when I visit again. Top marks."

Karen Curzons July 2020

"I attended the hospital just over a week ago and had my operation last Friday. I can tell you the hospital have put measures in place to keep everyone safe. If you are scared like I was then there is no need to worry. I am home resting now. Thank you to all the staff for their hard work." 

Mohammed Shakil, June 2020

"They (Moorfields) make everyone wear masks as they go in and to maintain social distancing. They made one way to go to a room and another way to go back. Also, in the seating area, you can sit on one seat and there are 2 red chairs beside you so no one else can sit there."

Joanne Jones, June 2020

"In usual times this is a very busy hospital and all staff have been and continue to be very professional, attentive and caring. Moorfields is set up extremely well to deal with this pandemic, checking temperatures and providing masks and gloves. I, for one will continue to be a patient with patience, to wait quietly to be called."

Barbara Apgar, June 2020

"I had an appointment with the Medical Retina Services department yesterday, and I cannot praise the staff highly enough for not only providing their usual outstanding level of care, but also for the many extra precautions that have been put in place to minimise the risk of spreading Covid-19. I was extremely anxious to come to the hospital, but once I got there, every staff person made me feel relaxed and comfortable."

Cilla Shell, April 2020 

“I had an upcoming appointment early April, right at the start of Coronavirus.  I was so relieved it was postponed.  I am fairly high risk as far as Coronavirus goes as I am prone to chest infections, and was being very careful. So, the thought of going to a crowded clinic worried me. 

“I received a phone call from one of the team to ask me if I had any problems with my eye and would I be attending the appointment. I was informed that the number of people in the clinic had been reduced and all protocols were being adhered to. I need not have worried. When I arrived at the hospital there was a check point. I was asked if I felt well and had any symptoms. My temperature was taken and I was issued with a facemask. I went up to the clinic and there were only two patients waiting. Chairs and areas sealed off to maintain social distancing.

"Everything was very organised. To reduce the time in clinic they had reduced the processes I normally go through, keeping to essential eye test and scan. I was seen very quickly and within 45 minutes I was on my way home. I felt totally safe and won’t be anxious when I attend my next appointment. A big thank you to all of the Moorfields staff for being there." 

Patients using the Attend Anywhere (video consultations and A&E services)

Jennifer Slater, 68, has been treated at Moorfields for over six decades, but she suddenly became concerned about one of her eyes. She explains: “A few weeks ago I was worried about my left eye. Bearing in mind I am 68 and not that great with technology, I decided to try and get a video consultation at Moorfields. I clicked on the link, followed the very clear instructions and within five minutes a doctor called me back. It was wonderful, I felt like I was in the clinic.

“She quickly got my notes, asked me some questions and even managed to get a look in my eye. She explained thoroughly what she felt the problem was and emailed a prescription to my local chemist immediately.

“With what we are coping with today, many patients like me are scared to come into hospitals and of course doctors and nurses are feeling the same. The wonderful thing about the consultation is that you don't feel like you are miles away, it’s like you are in the clinic. It made me feel so much better knowing someone could not only talk to me but see me.”


Last updated: 4th February 2021