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This specialist service is for patients who need contact lenses for medical reasons.

This specialist service is for patients who need contact lenses for medical reasons.

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Contact lens service
Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
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What this service does

In general, staff in our contact lens service treat patients whose vision cannot be improved with spectacles, but can be improved with contact lenses.

We can prescribe and fit contact lenses for a range of medical eye conditions, such as keratoconnus, corneal distortion, or scarred or white corneas. 

We also treat patients with very high prescriptions ( e.g. over +/-15D), or to relieve pain or aid cosmesis if your eye has become unsightly following damage from, for example, infection or trauma. 

We cannot fit lenses if normal vision can be obtained with spectacles. 

Bausch + Lomb recall and supply issues 

RGP Contact Lens Solutions Voluntary Recall and Supply Issues

Bausch + Lomb have issued a voluntary recall of certain contact lens solutions, including Boston, after a manufacturing sterilisation compliance breach was identified at a third-party supplier. This is also leading to supply issues with the products affected.

Bausch + Lomb has said there is a "low risk of infection" with the products, and "no serious adverse events" have been reported to date.

Products affected:

  • Boston cleaner.
  • Boston conditioning solution.
  • Boston Simplus Multi-Action contact lens solution.
  • Biotruecontact lens solution.
  • ReNu MPS Multi-purpose solution sensitive eyes.
  • ReNu MultiPlus contact lens solution.
  • Sensitive Eyes contact lens solution.
  • EasySept contact lens solution.

Please could our patients wearing RGP contact lenses using Boston conditioning and cleaning products, please use 'Total Care Disinfecting, Storing and Wetting solution' until Boston becomes available again. You should continue to use a separate cleaner and saline as instructed by your contact lens practitioner at your last appointment.

On the following website you can find out if your product lot number was impacted, please follow instructions on the webpage:  

How do I make an appointment with this service?

To be seen in the clinic you must be referred by your GP, or by an ophthalmologist at Moorfields or another hospital.

Your referral is then reviewed by the principal optometrist of the contact lens clinic to ensure there is a medical need for contact lenses, following which an appointment is sent to you.


A general contact lens clinic runs every weekday, and specialist clinics for scleral lenses and children's contact lenses run on different days of the week. 

You will be assessed in the clinic to ensure you are suitable for lenses. A lens type will be selected depending on your medical need. As the lenses are often complex designs, and are therefore usually specially made, your contact lenses will be issued at your second appointment. You will also receive instruction on handling and caring for your lenses at this appointment.

Soft contact lenses

 Rigid gas permable lenses

Scleral lens care

Mini scleral lens care

Healthy habits, healthy eyes

Use the link below 'Healthy habits, healthy eyes' to read more about how to take good care of your eyes to prevent infection or damage through poor contact lens use.

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