Private eye care at Moorfields

Moorfields Private is the London-based private division of Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. All of our focus is on providing you with the very best care to improve your sight. 

We have built an international reputation as a well-respected and trusted provider of high quality private eye care services which includes consultations, second opinions and treatment for adults and children. 

Our dedicated private facilities offer fee-paying patients personalised eye care and added comfort for both day cases and overnight stays. 

Being part of Moorfields provides our patients with the reassurance that they will be seen by world-class consultant eye specialists who provide treatment and care for private patients with a wide range of eye problems, from common complaints to the most complex eye health conditions.

We offer the most comprehensive range of eye care services available in the UK, which includes the latest laser eye surgery and vision corrections procedures and consultants specialising in cosmetic eye treatment.

Our financial surplus is re-invested back into Moorfields to support NHS services.

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Last updated: 6th September 2019