Video consultations

Video consultations enable you to have your appointment via a completely secure video environment from the comfort of your own home, you do not need to attend the hospital.

Attend Anywhere is the technology we use for our confidential video consultations.

You can connect to this service using a PC, Mac or an iOS / Android device using the latest version of Google Chrome or Safari web browsers.

How to prepare for your video consultation:

Before you access the link provided, follow these steps: 

  1. Ensure your web browser is Google Chrome or Safari or Samsung default web browsers.
  2. Make sure your web camera and microphone are working and switched on. 
  3. Use the ‘test call’ facilities available on the video consultation start up page prior to your appointment time
  4. Please have available earphones and microphone to enhance the audio quality.
  5. In the event of audio not working please have available your telephone to talk as back up.

When you are ready to join your appointment please click on the button below to join the ‘Moorfields Virtual Reception Waiting Room’.

Respect for our staff during online consultations 

Patients using our online A&E service are expected to be presented appropriately. If our staff feel uncomfortable at any point during the online consultation, they will end the call. Please remember to be respectful at all times. 

What to expect:

Please note this service is currently for patients who have received an appointment or who have been offered drop-in access to a clinical service. If you are not sure when your appointment is scheduled for please email the booking centre at: 

Ten minutes before your appointment time, click on the ‘Moorfields Virtual Reception Waiting Room’ button below and select start video call. Please nore, as in at the hospital, there may be a delay in being seen. Delays are usually no more than ten to fifteen minutes, but on days when the clinics are especially busy, they may overrun, so please don't worry if you are still waiting a little longer. If you are unsure or have been waiting longer than 20 minutes, please email the booking team at: 

Enter your name, DOB and phone number when prompted. This information is not stored beyond the length of the video consultation.

Tick the box to accept the terms and conditions then press continue.

Your device may ask you for access to your camera and microphone, for the video consultation to take place.  

You will hear some hold music once you are in the waiting room.

The Virtual receptionist will take some details from you to verify your appointment and then place you in the clinicians waiting room. You will see yourself on the video and hear music.

You are able to view your position in the queue and read any messages from the service.

The clinician will answer your call and the consultation will begin, your image will shrink and move to the corner of the screen and you will see your clinician.

For more information please download our patient login instructions (pdf).

If you have any issues, please email: 

Clinics available:

The following services run video-consultation clinics by appointment only.

Adult Services, Adnexal, Cornea, Counselling Services, External Eye Disease, Genetics, Medical Retina, Neuro, Oncology, Paediatric Services, Pharmacy, Pre Assessment Orthoptics, Rapid Access Clinics, Strabismus, Uveitis

Moorfields outpatient virtual clinic:

Moorfields Virtual Reception Waiting Room. Click to join

Other Moorfields virtual clinics:

Bedford - for clinicians Mr Thomas & Miss Dahlmann-Noor: Click to start call

Emergency Care

If you have an eye emergency but are concerned about travelling in, you can speak to one of our clinicians via our online A&E service, Attend Anywhere.

City Road - A&E Virtual Registration


Telephone and virtual appointments – your questions answered

Due to the ongoing pandemic and current government restrictions we are moving a number of our appointments to online or telephone consultations.

Our telephone lines are very busy, please read the following information before contacting us.


Why have I been moved to a telephone or virtual appointment ?

To help keep our staff and patients as safe as possible during the pandemic, we are moving as many appointments as we can to telephone and online platforms.

Covid-19 infection rates in our community remain high, and we are keen to reduce the need for our patients to travel wherever possible.

How will I know if my appointment has been moved to a telephone or video consultation?

All appointments are being reviewed. If we believe that we can assess your condition safely without the need for you to travel to one of our sites, then we will contact you to organise a telephone or video consultation.

What if I haven’t heard from you?

We will continue to see those patients considered to be at the highest risk of sight loss in person, in clinic. If you have been asked to come in for an appointment, it is important that you attend as planned without delay.

Will you still be able to assess my condition properly?

Our teams will have reviewed your case before deciding to offer you a telephone or video appointment in the first instance. We are still offering full, in person, urgent and emergency eye care. If during your appointment, your clinician decides that you would benefit from a face to face appointment, they will discuss this with you.


Preparing for your appointment

What will happen during my virtual appointment?

When you ring us, we will check your connection and you will go through into an online waiting room. We will take some details from you, and you will then be placed in a queue to see our specialist.

What if I’m left in the online waiting room?

You should be able to see your position in the queue, and the queue should be steadily getting shorter. While we do everything we can to keep all our clinics to time, it is not unusual to have to wait a few minutes for your appointment and, occasionally, for 30 minutes or more. If you think you are having technical issues, please call 020 7566 2357 and select option 4.

What if I am having technical troubles?

If you are having technical difficulties, please call 020 7566 2357 and select option 4, or download our 'Troubleshooting video calls' leaflet (PDF)

I don't have a device that has a camera and microphone; can I still have a video consultation?

Unfortunately not; to hold an effective video consultation our clinicians will need to both see and hear you, therefore your device must have a camera and a microphone. Please press ‘Ok’ for all camera and microphone access pop ups.


Concerns about your eye health

I am concerned about my eyesight, who do I contact?

If you are worried about your eye health, contact our nurses on 0207 566 2345. They can provide with you advice on the best course of action. The line is open Mon-Fri between 08:30 and 21:00 and on Saturdays between 09:00 and 17:00.

If you have sudden sight loss or an eye injury and are already a Moorfields patient or live close to our City Road hospital, please contact us through this video A&E; it may save you a journey.

Anyone else with sudden sight loss or an eye injury should contact their local A&E.

Should I use video A&E or travel in to A&E?

If you need emergency eye care today, for sudden sight loss or eye injury, our online A&E service is running. In most cases, our doctors will either save you a visit to City Road or save you time when you get to us. If it is clearly an emergency, ring 999 immediately. 


Last updated: 5th October 2021