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With many patients having poor vision, aiming eye drops at the correct angle or squeezing plastic containers can be difficult. In some cases, patients do not realise that the technique they are using isn’t working. This can result in medication not working effectively and could lead to further complications.

Know Your Drops team

In summer 2016, the pharmacy team launched a campaign to promote and encourage good eye drop compliance and provide support to patients, carers and staff regarding best techniques for administering eye drops. The campaign supports our strategic objective to deliver the highest standards of patient experience, outcomes and safety across all of our sites. It also provides an opportunity for patients to experience innovative pharmacist led consultations within Moorfields’ clinics.

The Know Your Drops team hold events supported by the International Glaucoma Association at sites across our network, offering the opportunity for patients to attend to find out more about how best to administer eye drops. There are a range of cases where this extra support has proven beneficial, including preventing surgery, reducing polypharmacy, reducing side effects experienced and reducing the need for carers to assist with administration. 

Upcoming events

Check out the events table below to find out when the next Know Your Drops sessions will be taking place. You can find out more about the Know Your Drops team on Twitter with the hashtag #KnowYourDrops.

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Latest news

Blog: Know Your Drops - a year in review
Fiona Chiu, associate chief pharmacist, and Sarah Thomas, lead pharmacist, blog about the Know Your Drops campaign to celebrate one year since its launch.

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Last updated: 8th June 2022