Children’s appointments

If your GP or optometrist decides that your child’s eye condition needs to be investigated by more specialist staff, they will arrange for you to have an outpatient appointment with Moorfields or another eye-care provider.

If you choose for your child to be treated at Moorfields, we will send you a letter confirming the date, time and location of your child’s appointment with us.  Please read this letter carefully to make sure you have understood all the details.  It is especially important to note the location of your appointment – Moorfields provides care for children in several locations in and around London and, wherever possible, we will try to ensure that your child is treated close to where you live.

You can find details of all our locations and a journey planner to help you find us by clicking on the ‘our locations’ link at the top right of this page.  This section also includes information about any parking restrictions and facilities at each location.

Cancelling or changing your child's appointment

If you are not able to keep your child’s appointment or wish to change it to a more convenient time, please tell us as soon as possible so we can give your appointment to another patient. 

You can do this by calling us as follows:

  • If this is your first appointment at Moorfields, please call the booking centre on 020 7566 2357
  • If you are already a patient and want to change a follow-up appointment, please telephone the children’s service on 020 7566 2715

To help us deal with your request as quickly as possible, please provide the following information when making your cancellation or change request:

  • Your child’s full name
  • Their NHS number or date of birth
  • A contact telephone number or email address
  • The date and time of your child’s original appointment 

If you cannot attend and do not notify us in advance, you might not be automatically issued with a new appointment and could have to return to your GP to make a new appointment with us.

Cancellations by us

We try to keep every appointment we make, but medical emergencies and unforeseen circumstances mean that we sometimes have to cancel appointments. If this happens, we will arrange a new appointment for your child as quickly as possible. Please note that we are unable to reimburse you for any costs incurred as a result of a cancellation. 

Text message reminders

Patients who have provided the booking centre with a mobile phone number will receive a text reminder of their child’s appointment.  Please help us by letting a member of staff know if you change your mobile phone number.

We will send you information about your appointments via text messages from 07860 039 092 or email from We will never ask you to provide your bank or credit card details. Learn more about how we use and protect your health information.

Please visit the main appointments page for full details of new services being offered by text message, including digital letters, questionnaires and the opportunity to make your own follow-up appointments when you feel you need them.

What to expect at your child's appointment

During your visit you will see a number of experts who may perform a range of tests to assess your child’s condition. These tests and examinations can be lengthy, and you must expect to spend several hours at the hospital.

Please note that eye drops are often administered to enlarge the pupils, and this may blur your child’s vision for a couple of hours after the appointment. Your child may also be more sensitive to light. 

What to bring with you

  • Any medication your child is currently taking
  • Your child’s appointment card and letter
  • Your child's GP’s address and postcode
  • Your child’s glasses, if they wear them


Refreshments are normally available within the hospital site from cafes or vending machines, although these do not cater specifically for babies. We do not provide formula milk or nappies. Please bring these with you.


Last updated: 5th October 2022