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Specific batches of carbomer-containing lubricating eye gels recalled as a precaution due to possible contamination

UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has issued an alert regarding Burkholderia cenocepacia outbreak with suspected association with carbomer lubricating eye gel. Burkholderia cepacian are bacteria usually found naturally in the environment but can cause serious harm to patients with weakened immune system or chronic lung diseases, particularly cystic fibrosis. Investigation and testing are still ongoing, and these eye gels are being recalled as a precaution. UKHSA considers the risk to the general public from Burkholderia cenocepacia to be very low, but some patient groups are at higher risk of adverse effects.

Roxanne Crosby-Nwaobi wins award for campaign to increase diversity in clinical trials

Dr Roxanne Crosby-Nwaobi named Nurse Researcher of the Year at the RCN Nursing Awards 2023.

Moorfields to start new retinal detachment clinical trial

Moorfields to start new retinal detachment clinical trial following £1.2 million grant awarded to UCL and Moorfields.

Moorfields signs the Armed Forces Covenant

Martin Kuper, chief executive at Moorfields Eye Hospital, signed the Armed Forces Covenant, alongside Wing Commander Chris Owen, Royal Air Force.

Eye Envoys awarded coveted Nursing Times award

Moorfields’ Eye Envoy programme has won the Care of Older People award at the Nursing Times Awards 2023.

Moorfields at Stratford opens new operating theatres for eye surgery

Moorfields Eye Hospital has welcomed the first patients for surgery at its new hub in Stratford.

Effective treatment for rare sight-threatening infection

A new trial led by Moorfields consultant has found a highly effective drug candidate in treating the rare eye infection.

Moorfields welcomes Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to discuss AI research and safety

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak visits Moorfields to learn about research being carried out into artificial intelligence (AI).