Our Vision

Moorfields and the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology (IoO) are recognised as a world-class centre of excellence. Together, we form one of the largest ophthalmology and vision research partnership in the world, with access to a sizeable and diverse patient population.

Our Vision

Along with our academic partners at the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology, Moorfields is recognised as a world-class centre of excellence in eye research. Together, we form one of the largest ophthalmic institutions in the world, with 48 professors and principal investigators (PIs), and a large and diverse patient population. In research, we are more productive than any other eye institution, publishing some 200 papers in 2012/13, while our joint research portfolio includes 264 open projects, including over 60 projects that are adopted by the NIHR Clinical Research Network Portfolio.

Our staff work a large variety of research, including but not limited to: stem-cell research, phenotyping-genotyping projects, large multi-centre trials and quality of life studies.

Our Vision

Our joint vision for research and development is to continue to be world leading in eye-disorder prevention and treatment by conducting fundamental research and translating it rapidly through to benefit people by:

  • Focusing on world-leading high patient impact research programmes and, in parallel, strengthening our fundamental research base.
  • Attracting, training and developing premier research talent, to drive research discovery and innovation.
  • Developing an integrated culture to foster an inspirational environment for collaborative research to boost innovation.
  • Heading some of the largest, world-leading partnerships with other institutions and organisations, including charities and industry, to bring complementary skills to bear on some of the most challenging research questions.

Visual Fields Analyser

You can read more about our plans for the future in our R&D strategy, published in 2013, which is available to download by clicking on the link to the right of this page. This strategy was developed jointly with our partners at the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology during 2012/13 and sets out a clear direction to allow us to continue as a world-leading organisation in eye-disorder prevention and treatment, as well as enabling us to remain agile enough to respond to new developments and opportunities.  It identifies three main areas (glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration) on which to focus research activity, but also highlights essential scientific platforms such as stem cell therapy and genetics that will underpin this activity and require further development.

How we can help you with your research

The Moorfields Eye Hospital Research and Development department consists of a team of research professionals able to support you through all stages of clinical research.  These include:

  • Support in identifying eligible funding sources.
  • Grant preparation advice.
  • Sponsorship decisions.
  • Guidance on navigating the submissions process.
  • Advice and guidance on ethics and MHRA submissions.
  • Statistical support.
  • Database and Data Management.
  • Legal advice.
  • Finance.
  • Quality assurance and audit.
  • Industry and Business development.
  • Recruitment support.

It is important to contact the Research and Development Department (see below) at your earliest possible convenience to ensure that you and your study are properly supported.

Who to contact?

For further information and guidance please contact the relevant research portfolio manager:  

Portfolio: Adnexal, AMD, Biobank, Cataracts, Cornea & External Disease, Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma, Inherited Retina, Neuro-Ophthalmology, Medical Retina, Oncology, Other (& SLA Studies), Paediatrics, Strabismus, Vitreoretinal, Uveitis
Email: moorfields.resadmin@nhs.net


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