Performance in initiating and delivering clinical research

As a global leading centre for research in eyes and vision, it is a key priority to offer as many patients as possible the opportunity to get involved in clinical research.

NIHR Research Performance

Moorfields delivers cutting edge treatments and has a diverse patient population that creates the opportunity to recruit patients into trials with wide ranging eye care needs.

We have a dedicated research support team of nurses, trial co-ordinators and research managers that support this ambition.

Delivering research from within the Moorfields Institute partnership is a major priority, but we also strive to attract more and more global partnerships for delivering clinical trials as this both broadens the research portfolio and increases the interaction with industry to positively contribute to the UK Life Science economy.

In order to speed up research translation we have a strong focus on research and clinical trial delivery performance and look continuously for ways to speed up set up times, improve our patient recruitment performance and time to target metrics.

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Top 100 performing trusts

The number of new studies delivered in the NHS has increased, and the number of patients engaged in research activity has hit an all-time high. We are one of the top 100 performing trusts committed to delivering the most participants for clinical research.

Last updated: 21st January 2022